How do you train?

24 Jun

The International Ski Federation, FIS, has been interviewing skiers on how they train. has published an article on Petter Northug’s response.

Here’s his simple formula:

“In principle I train running 25% of the time, cycling 10% and strength 5 %. The rest I split 50/50 between rollerski and skiing on snow”.

He goes on to state that he only cycles “for recovery and for a little variation”. On the other hand, running is his main means of “increasing capacity”.

I have been going to spinning classes at the gym to build up strength and endurance. But I don’t find it very good for cardio. I never get breathing as hard on a stationary bike as I do on a long, high intensity rollerski hill climb.

My flogging on Grefsenkollen yesterday may have been a wake up call. I’ll keep doing the spinning but now plan to do more running. And, above all, I’m going to double up on big rollerski hill climbs.

So here’s the new plan:

  • Sunday (2 hours)
    • Rollerski to Gym
    • Spin class and rollerski home
  • Monday (easy day – 1 hour)
    • Pigg day! – double poling workout
  • Tuesday (1 hour)
  • Wednesday (strength day – 2,5 hours)
    • Rollerski to Gym
    • Core strength class
    • Grefsenkollen hill and rollerski home
  • Thursday (2 hours)
    • Rollerski to Gym
    • Spin class and rollerski home
  • Friday (1 hour)
    • Run day – Ankerrunden
  • Saturday(3,5 hours)
    • Double Grefsenkollen hill (a.m.)
    • Long easy rollerski tour (p.m)

In a week that works out to spinning(2x), running (2x), double poling (1x), rollerski hill (2x), core strength (1x), long tour (1x)

Image source: Wikimedia


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