Postscript to technique improvement

23 Jun

Moments of fleeting grace come to possess you body only to flit away the next time you want to conjure up the same good feeling.

Miserable training today. Maybe I’m overdoing it? Had to stop and pant before the top of Grefsenkollen. First time in a long time for that. I think my much vaunted hip thrust thing works better on the flats than on steep, sustained climbs.

Adding insult to injury I screwed up changing the tips on my poles. Heated one of them up too much, melting it slightly. It bent as I forced it on and looks sad. Moreover little shards shattered off the carbide steel spikes with just one use. That’s the first time that has happened. I’m not going to try this expensive Swedish brand again. Back to good old Swix and a diamond file.


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