Her kommer vinter’n!

21 Jun

Would they dance if they knew the real meaning of the celebration?

Yes well dance freaky hippies. It’s the summer solstice. But do you know what this celebration is all about? Somewhere deep in your kind, mellow though preachy souls can you conjure up the preoccupations of the first prehistoric humans who felt the need to mark this wondrous day?

Let me drop some hints. Your flowers are going to run out of power. And soon you’ll need to put on some more clothes.

The original summer solstice celebration did not revel in our star’s glorious power. No, rather, it was a going away party. Celebrants lit bonfires. You know, to give earth’s dimming beacon some needed inspiration.

I think this is my favourite day of the year. For me the summer solstice is a celebration of winter and all the good things that season brings.

I celebrated by finally prepping my skis for summer storage, cooking a nice meal and by trying out bounding. Bounding is running up a steep hill with ski poles. The technique feels amazingly like classic sprinting.

Today’s special solstice training looked like this on the GPS plot:

The hill I used is just in the forest behind my neighborhood. It was a significant contributor to my 1 hour and 28 minute improvement over last year in the Skarverennet ski race. And it felt great to be back on it with ski poles. It still hurt good like before.

At the top my pulse pounded and I even started to get a little tunnel vision when I really pushed it. It was just what the doctor ordered because bounding really works your arms and cardio even more than your legs. The latter were a bit sore from yesterday’s spinning class at the gym followed by rollerskiing home on the tough route.

I got the idea for this training from a skier blog I’ve been reading and an article I saw today about Norway’s legendary Bjørn Dæhlie. On a hill so steep it was hard to drive a car up in dry weather Dæhlie would do ten blasts where no one else could manage more than three. If you count the lines above, I did ten today too. But I suspect my hill was shorter and not as steep as Dæhlie’s.


One Response to “Her kommer vinter’n!”

  1. chelsl June 22, 2010 at 4:00 am #

    Thank you for following my blog! I’m glad I could inspire you to do some bounding, it is a very good workout. I am honored to have a skier from Norway reading about what I, a lowly American, am doing for training. I’ve been to your country three times and raced the Birkebeiner once; I hope to return in the next few years.

    Keep up the training! And good luck reaching your goals!

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