Great rollerski demo of skate skiing gears

11 Jun

Kate Whitcomb posted this video that does a great job of illustrating the different skate techniques. They form the “gears” that a skier will use on different grades and in different race situations depending on required speed and available energy. Be sure to read the accompanying blog post where she comments the video content.

I don’t use “3rd” gear, V2 alternate, much. I usually stay in “second”, V2. Norwegians, incidentally, refer to V1 as “paddling”.  I find that term more descriptive since the technique really does look like paddling a canoe. Still, Kate makes the case that V2 alternate is a useful gear. So I therefore practised it a bit on my 21km rollerski training in the city yesterday.

That route is currently the longest one I do regularly. But I’ve been scouting new ones using city bikes:

I now think I can piece together a significantly longer loop going through the western reaches of Oslo. That might make me need the less powerful though more restful V2 alternate “gear”.


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