The only dance I’m good at is dobbeldans

8 Jun

My training goal: be the reindeer

I am following a deliberately simply plan that can lead to complicated consequences. I will enter 4 ski races and try to beat a target time for each.

Simple on the surface. But there have already been some kinks. Yesterday, for example, this plan thrust me in a room alone with 25 for the most part attractive Scandinavian women. I now realize that simply rollerskiing isn’t enough to reach and maintain the level of cardiovascular fitness I’ll need. I’ve accordingly taken out a gym membership. And the gym doesn’t believe there needs to be any logical relation between a course title and it content. I therefore ended up in one of those dancy aerobic things with dumbells.

I’ve been doing cycling courses and they are very good. Luckily it’s hard to look ridiculous on a stationary bike if you’re in good shape. The only thing I do that stands out is sweat a lot.

Today I went for another group class. The last one was called “Strength and Total” while this one was called “Strength and Core”. The gender ratio was again favorable at 15 to 3. But happily there was less dancing. You still needed to follow the instructor’s movements, but they were fairly slow. People say men have better spatial skills than men, but all the women seemed better than me at transposing what the instructor was doing to their own movements.

Still, this was good stuff for me because the exercises worked on the “core” muscle groups in the back and abdominals. That will strengthen my balance and make me a better and more efficient skier. And that’s the whole point of my being in the gym.

Doing gym classes definitely forces me out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless I’d even learn to do the really dancy stuff if I thought it would help my skiing. Short term embarrassment is the key to long term grace. And who knows, there could be some collateral benefits too.


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