Rollerskiing is beautiful

1 Jun

Yes my sick little sport is wonderful. Its strange equipment, the nearly infinite number of places it can be practiced, its weird little obsession about asphalt. All of these things add richness. And the way you glide over the pavement is at once aesthetically pleasing, pleasurable and dangerous.

This week I’ve been tending to go up my Grefsenkollen route. The Linderudkollen route didn’t pan out. Horrible pavement forced me to turn around 1,5km from the ski jump towers. Would be a great route with fresh asphalt. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the city will repave like they did on Grefsenkollen.

Today my dobledans felt particularly smooth. Not surprising then that I logged my fastest pace yet on the Grefsenkollen route. I even passed some cyclists who looked fit and were my age. I felt slightly Über.

I think the lesson in this is regularity. If you feel good, if you feel tired, it doesn’t matter–just go.


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