Protestant bean counting reflex

25 May

I have mixed feelings about the GPS. It reminds me of my early career. For a little while “the clock” was a fearful enough thing to stop me from goofing off. Then I tasted the pleasure of screwing off on company time. Luckily for me at that point in my work life I was heading for better things than hourly wages.

I do still fear slacking off with the GPS running. But for other reasons. Pride, mainly. However, the most interesting feedback it provides is not time. The best thing you get are speed and altitude curves.

This was my training 2 days ago on Grefsenkollen:

As I mentioned before, I died on the big hill. The downward slanting curve clearly shows that where the big climb starts.

Here’s what I did today:

This time around the pace stays fairly flat while I’m climbing. It only tapers off right at the end.

So, objectively, I’m improving. Or maybe the damn GPS is just making me push myself harder.


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