Grefsenkollen, Norge: ja vi elsker denne bakken

23 May

Trip overview. Click on image for detail.

So the Spain insanity has come to and end. A big thank you to my readers for not breaking into my apartment since they probably guessed I was out of the country. They should also note that cross-country skis are inexpensive and that that’s all I own.

I was happy to go for a trip on one of my favorite rollerski training routes today.  Grefsenkollen has silky pavement, a perfect grade for hard training and lies conveniently on the other side of the valley from where I live. Unlike in Spain, the drivers aren’t all matadors and are used to dealing with rollerskiers. This route frequents mostly low traffic roads and the part from Maridalsveien to Maridalsvannet dam runs along a car free bike path.

This is the first time I’ve been up it this rollerski season, so today’s trip was a good test of how my physical condition compares to last fall.The GPS rates the round trip as 14.6km with 297m elevation gain. The prime part, the climb up Grefsenkollen, is an unrelenting 135 meter up lungbuster.

I’ve tended to mark my progress by counting the “panting breaks” on that climb. I took one today. Wasn’t absolutely necessary but since I’m now measuring with a GPS, I figured it was the kind thing to do for myself. Next time, with no break, my time should get better.

The GPS gives better feedback than merely counting “pant breaks”:

I haven’t been up this route since early November and can see that I started at an ambitious pace and then faded. Now I’ll be working to get my speed to increase slightly throughout the climb. I might also mix in double climb trainings–up and down twice.

The goal is this in less than 2 hours:

Skarverennet race profile


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