Sjsusjøen Skarverennet practice

21 Apr

Typical Sjsusjøen vista

Went last Saturday to Sjsusjøen, up above Lillehammer. This is where I started my season October 5, last year. The place works well as a season extender at this end of winter too. The snow was a little soft and winds were moderate but that should be good training for the Skarverennet race I’ll participate in next Saturday.

Transport was dodgy because my train was late and the bus didn’t wait this time. Spoke to a Dutch guy who was going to Sjusjsøen too and proposed to split the cab fare. Right in line with a certain national stereotype he said he’d rather wait two hours for the next bus. I bit the bullet and paid for a taxi.

I know the trails fairly well, so my plan was to improvise following the new-prepped ones. Skated a 30 km round way too fast for that to be all for the day. My route was Sjsusjøen langrennsarena – Kroksjøen – Midfjellet – Birkebeinerløype – Ljøsheim – Mostfjellet – Kroksjøen. After that I wasted time skating here and there around the Kroksjøen area before heading back into town.

I then headed to the Café at Graaten, next to the bus stop. I’d eaten waffles there, but this was the first time I tried a meal. It was typical Noggy fare, meatcakes in gravy and sauerkraut, but nicely done, copious and a good value at 89NOK with coffee. A great recompense after more than 40km skating.

Trip details:

  • Temp: -1C to +3C with a mixture of clouds and sun and moderate winds.
  • Style: Skate.
  • Distance: ~40km

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