Sticky fingers from Snippen

14 Apr

Snippen stasjon was nevertheless snowier than this

Tried a warm, sticky and wet spring ski tour from Snippen train station to Nittedal. My worries that there wouldn’t be enough snow were mostly unfounded. In a few places the track had melted away on one side, but that just meant you had to use the other. There were a few rocks, but they were big and obvious.

Though I had to wax my skis with red klister (the stickiest of the sticky), I have more or less overcome my aversion to the stuff. I’ve even learned to apply it without getting covered in it. I remember going through a similar process with eating ice cream cones when I was little.

Speaking of good things to eat, a charming and ski-glad colleague had invited me to dinner in Nittedal, hence my choice of route. After a lovely meal I headed back the way I came. Maybe I drank too much wine and cognac or maybe I had too small a headlight to risk going fast or maybe I was just plain slow. Whatever the case, I missed the last train from Movatn and had to take a cab home. Still I slept happy and satisfied and all’s well that ends well!


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