The beautiful end of it all

11 Apr

The weather has been beautiful, by most peoples’ standards. I would prefer cold and cloudy to preserve my snow. But then all the happy, beaming Norwegians would be sad and glum.

Even the chickens seem pleased:

Foul fowls. Le coq à la crête noire does not approve of your bird-brained joy!

Still, I can’t complain too much. Saturday and Sunday were Sørkedalen’s swan song.The lovely, dying end of the area’s ski possibilities.

I took the first bus each morning to get the hard, morning frost. And each day the trail was firm and beautifully fresh groomed. The artist drove this:

Buy that man something better than a Kvikk Lunsj!

I flew without wings up to Søndre Hegglivan. What beautiful glide. Dobbeldans the whole way. When I arrived at the top at the dam I didn’t linger, but rather came quickly back the same way. At the end the trail was getting soft in the sunnier stretches.

The usual spots will now soon go bare making people remove their skis and walk. That shouldn’t become ridiculous at least for the next few days. But I don’t think I’ll go back. Better to say goodbye on a very sweet note.


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