Got the løypebas on my side

8 Apr

Got up early, took a bus, walked a lot and finally got 45 minutes of skiing in. Only two people had been over the tracks before me, but they were professional trail-trashers. The skater left big, deep, frilly slashes in the soft snow that froze up into glide/neck breaking obstacles.

“Pigging” with my poles offered no respite because someone had been with a dog right down the middle of the trackset. Glide was replaced by thumpa-thumpa-thumpa over fat hound tracks. Amazing what damage two can do. Wonder if they were a couple?

But screw them all. I’ve got the løypebas on my side. On my return trip back towards the train station he had passed with his machine. Lovely man. Felt a bit guilty because his work didn’t have the time to firm up before I skated over it. But what sweet glide on fresh laid corduroy!

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