Easter Sun-day

4 Apr

Today’s conditions matched the official Norwegian Easter Ski Fantasy©. The sun was shining, the trail was new-prepped, hard and fast. I blasted my way up to Søndre Hegglivann in record time.

Were I Norwegian I would sit somewhere beside the trail and eat oranges:

But the sun is my enemy who makes the snow go away. And I’ve got better things to do, like skiing. Come back friendly clouds!

In other news, Dog Woman’s slightly less unattractive sister tried to beat me up to the dam. It was quite evident she wanted a race. I did my best Northug impression and the dog who was more intelligent than the owner it was hauling finally went on strike.

Trip details:

  • Temp: -1C to +3C and sunshine.
  • Style: Skate.
  • Distance: 20km
  • Time: < 1 hour

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