Skiløyper – løypepreparering status monitor update

24 Mar

Have updated the config file for my Skiløyper – løypepreparering status monitor. These are all the trails I watch with that little Windows tray application I wrote. You can download the complete application with the updated config here or just update the SkiStatus.exe.config config file with the following:

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8 ?>



<!– Grinda – Låkeberget(230) –>

<add key=loypecoord_1 value=263340,6656076/>

<!– Låkeberget – Hammeren(234) –>

<add key=loypecoord_2 value=262976,6657160/>

<!– Hammeren – Ullevålseter(235) –>

<add key=loypecoord_3 value=262152,6660008/>

<!– Hammeren – Skar(236) –>

<add key=loypecoord_4 value=263696,6658808/>

<!– Langmyr – Nedre Blanksjø(233) –>

<add key=loypecoord_5 value=262600,6656120/>

<!– Sognsvann – Hammeren (Ankerveien)(224)–>

<add key=loypecoord_6 value=262576,6657440/>

<!– Sognsvann – Ullevålseter (Østsiden)(223) –>

<add key=loypecoord_7 value=261872,6656816/>

<!– Løkka – Sognsvann (Vestside) – Lorttjern(226) –>

<add key=loypecoord_8 value=261208,6656824/>

<!– Frønsvolltråkka – Ullevålseter (Hk 16,7)(248) –>

<add key=loypecoord_9 value=260856,6659200/>

<!– Frognerseteren – Lorttjern (Ullevålseter)(206) –>

<add key=loypecoord_91 value=260600,6658248/>

<!– Movann – Tømte(126) –>

<add key=loypecoord_92 value=266640,6664320/>

<!– Sandermosveien (Fugleleiken) – Sandermosen(154)–>

<add key=loypecoord_93 value=266296,6658568/>

<!– Lysløype, Grinda(231)–>

<add key=loypecoord_94 value=262904,6655904/>

<!–Oset – Småvannsdalen(109)–>

<add key=loypecoord_95 value=265072,6655752 />

<!– Proxy server address (if required) –>

<!–<add key=”ProxyAddress” value=”http://isa47oslo:8080″/&gt;–>

<!– Updated loype status poll interval –>

<add key=PollSeconds value=120/>

<add key=ServiceUrl value=>




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