Temperature calculations for Korsvoll

27 Feb

It’s important to know the temperature to choose the right ski wax. My neighbor has a digital thermometer on his wall, but when the sun hits it its readings go haywire.

The weather website Yr.no is a good candidate. They provide temperature estimates for many places, including my neighborhood, based on their sophisticated weather model. The problem is that they update the predictions only twice daily. And predictions are often wrong.

Yr.no does offer hourly observations from a few local weather stations. The big problem is that the two closest stations are at lower and higher altitudes and closer and further from the fjord compared to where I live.

My solution has been to put together an Excel based weather model that takes the temperatures from the two closest stations as inputs:

My model predicts temperature in Korsvoll using both the standard altitude-based correction (-0,65C per 100 meters) as well as a corrected calculation based on real data. The latter takes into account the difference between the observed temperature at Tryvasshøgda and the predicted temperature for Tryvasshøgda using the standard altitude based correction applied to the temperature lower down at Blindern.

Today was cloudy and the prediction jives perfectly with the neighbor’s thermometer.

Access the spreadsheet online via GoogleDocs here. You can also download it from that address and run it locally. The current saved values correspond to the above readings. You can adapt this to where you live provided you have two weather stations and the necessary altitude data.


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