Lillomarka calm

9 Feb

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. If you want peace, get out of Nordmarka. Went for a headlight trip last night on the other side of the valley in Lillomarka. Started from my side at Brekke and descended the unprepared but workable trail that goes over to the Maridalen dam. From there I clambered up the hill near the locked water plant gate onto the trail that starts at Oset.

Then it was quiet, smooth sailing on new prepared trails up to Movatn. Saw a few people coming the other way. Perhaps they took the train to Movatn? But passed no one going my way. The trails were mostly double-width which would give plenty of room (and skating possibilities too) even with crowds.

This route was a good combination of diagonal-going and double-poling. Perfect for training. Coming back down the steepness was just right for getting into the trackset and screaming downhill without snowploughing.

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue extra
  • Temp: -8C
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 24km

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