Saturday tour with foreign colleagues

31 Jan

Being serious about skiing, I don’t usually get to taste the pleasures enjoyed by casual skigoers. I tend to ski as quickly as possible past the food serving lodges in the forest in order to avoid the crowds they attract.

But yesterday I took some colleagues from the German subsidiary out to try skiing in the forest. A couple of them turned out skill-wise to fit in pretty well with the Norwegian Saturday touring crowd, which was impressive since they don’t get to ski much.

We went from the shop where you can rent skis at Voksenkollen to the lodge at Ullevålseter and back. I skied up to Voksenkollen from my place in Korsvoll in order to get some training in on freshly set, untrammeled tracks.

While following our route we indulged in the fine tradition of stopping at every lodge to have coffee, chocolate and pastries to replace every calorie we burned off.

The picture is from the Ullevålseter lodge that has a nice ambiance though slightly cold waffles.

My route was Grinda-Voksenkollen-Ullevåleseter-Frognerseteren-Voksenkollen-Ullevåleseter-Grinda.

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 34km

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