Trysil – good skiing, bad signs

26 Jan

Went on a trip with colleagues to Trysil last week. Most of them just went downhill skiing, but the area does have a decent network of well-groomed trails.

The weather wasn’t with me, however. The one day I got up into the higher mountain area pictured above I couldn’t see much past the end of my nose. That complicated the already daunting task of finding your way around the Trysil area. The ski resort provides a detailed looking map but it’s more decoration than function. The places on the map don’t correspond to the names on the wooden signs here and there and those signs are almost always missing at any critical intersection where you need to choose your direction. At worst you just end up turning around and around in a cabin area, never finding the trail described in glowing details on the back of the map.

This is the second year I’ve been on this trip and I’ve now figured out some of the traps. Still I’m still amazed by their devilish complexity. But past the early pitfalls lie others. And I was, for the second year, screaming obscenities into the wind.

Still, that aside, the skiing was fun. I managed 13 Norwegian “miles” or 130km in 3 days. The second and third day I couldn’t go into the high mountain area pictured above because there was a lot of new snow and the trails there weren’t being prepped there.

Staying closer to the cabin I enjoyed terrain that resembled Sjusjøen, though with basically one big sloping sided mountain instead of several. There were some fun, fast downhill stretches that were good practice for my current focus which is staying in the trackset and not snowploughing. Cold going, though, when your body is no longer furnishing an effort and you’re going fast dressed in light clothes!

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue or blue extra depending on the temp.
  • Air temp: between -5 and -10C
  • Style: Classic and Skate
  • Distance: 130 km over 3 days

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