Grinda to Øyungen

18 Jan

Redid my trip up the Maridal valley with a further extension up to Øyungen. Was just as fun as before until I passed Skar. Skar seems to be another preferred start spot for the unimaginative sort who prefer to drive in a long way beyond where they could have put on their skis to enjoy near-perfect conditions. In all fairness some of those who start there take the bus, thus setting themselves apart from the monkey crowd.

But however they arrived, they sure abused the track. The last 500 meters was nearly scraped bare by Danish style obsessive snowploughing and every slight uphill was hacked up by unnecessary herringboning where diagonal stride would have worked fine.

Still, when I arrived at the top at Øyungen and turned back around, the ride back down was fun. I got into a tuck and just blasted down the hill. When I got near the bottom I was able to burn up my ludicrous speed by gliding up onto the loose snow pushed to the side by the madly ploughing masses. I thus avoided the bare scraped rocks.

  • Wax: blue extra
  • Air temp: -2,3
  • Style: Classic
  • Distance: 21,5 km

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