Snow courtesy

15 Jan

Had the amazing experience of seeing some idiot jogging on the most crowded ski trail in the Oslo forest yesterday. Not the first time I’ve been floored by stupid behaviour on ski trails in this country. Norway has some very good laws guaranteeing access to all property, private or public, for unhindered recreational use. The only downside to them that they make it impossible to bar anyone from stomping up your ski trail or letting their dog shit all over it if that’s what they’re intent on doing.

As someone famously remarked about an anti-vagrancy ordiance, “the law is an idiot that bars both rich and poor from sleeping out of doors.”

So, if the law won’t help us here, lets try a bit of common courtesy:

  • Share the trail and be courteous.
  • Yield to downhill and faster traffic.  Prepare for blind corners.
  • Avoid snow-shoeing or walking on ski trails.  This ruins the track for other skiers.
  • Skating over prepared tracks ruins the skiing for others.
  • When stopped, move off the trail.
  • Learn and follow local regulations regarding dogs.  Some routes are more suitable for dog sledding and skijoring than others. Consider leaving your dog at home.  Dogs ruin the ski track, present hazards to down slope skiers and their waste can ruin somebody else’s winter outing. Plus, your dog may not be used to or capable of winter country travel. Practice principles of canine courtesy in snow country.

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