Fun Frognerseteren

14 Jan

Today was a longer trip. Started from Grinda, went up the valley to Ullevålseter, continued from there to Frognerseteren, doubled back, came down the West side of Sognsvann, went up the East side lysløype, crossed the ice at Nedre Blansjø, took the trail to Langmyr and then finally walked the 200m along the road back to Grinda. Works out to almost exactly 20km. That’s my normal weekday max. Happily this route was never crowded aside from the very short E. side Sognsvann part, and it mostly followed trails that had been prepped today.

I went with colleagues, which was good for moderating my uphill speed and pushing me to go faster downhill. Today I discovered that in addition to weighting the outside leg while going through a turn at high speed in the trackset, you should also lean. Sounds obvious but it hadn’t occurred to me before. Really helped me stay in the trackset in the places where I tended to fly out before on fast descents.

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue.
  • Air temp: -8.8
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 20 km

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