The back forty

13 Jan

Have been skiing in my back yard every day since getting back from the tropical part of Canada. My evenings have been densely packed with a ski-eat-sleep routine. This has occupied my every waking moment so I’ve had no chance to write about it.

That said, I haven’t been going any great distances, skiing a couple variants of a little loop:

10.01.2010 11.01.2010 12.01.2010 13.01.2010
Langmyr-Grinda Grinda-Langmyr Grinda-Langmyr Grinda-Ullevålseter-Langmyr
8,63 8,63 8,63 12,71

Jet lag has been tiring me out, so a forty minute (13km/h) dash was enough the first three days.

Last night my route took me back down from Ullevålseter by way of the Eastside Sognsvann lysløype (pictured above).  I’ve never seen such a mass of Norwegian humanity. It was like being in a bad seeding in the Birkebeiner ski race. I love my headlight that helps me avoid all that mess. I think the forest is never prettier than under my own light. And the absence of unimaginative plodding hoards on the unlighted trails helps the aesthetics too.

We’ve been experiencing a strong inversion layer so temperatures have stayed around -5C where I am at 200m while they been in the minus teens in the city below. Maybe the crowds are coming to Sognsvann to get warmed up.

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue extra.
  • Style: Classic.
10.01.2010 11.01.2010 12.01.2010 13.01.2010
Back40 Back40 Back40 GrinLangmyr
1,61 2,58 2,58 2,58
2,32 1,62 1,62 1,62
0,5 0,5 0,5 3,01
1,62 2,32 2,32 4
2,58 1,61 1,61 1,5
8,63 8,63 8,63 12,71

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