Rollerskiing the Galloping Goose

9 Jan

My job sent me to Victoria, British Columbia just as the ski conditions in Oslo hit the please-pinch-me-I’m-dreaming level of goodness. There’s also been a bit of temperature difference between the two places: -20’s  Celsius for Oslo and + 7’s for Victoria.

What to do but rollerski? Happily Victoria has the silkiest paved bike trail I’ve ever experienced:

With rollerskis you can just glide and fly on the “Galloping Goose”, named after the train whose former right-of-way it follows.

This picture,

shows one of the only hazards, a road crossing preceded by a hill. Not wanting to play rollerski roulette with cars, I had been taking my skis off right where this photo was snapped and walking down the little hill and across the road.

The other thing that rings true in this view is the amount of cycle traffic. But B.C cyclists are well behaved and I could count on them giving me a friendly “on your left” or ding-ding as they passed. I would then transition to double poling until they got past me.

The only other issue was that there were a number of long, wood-planked trestles to cross. When I tried to use my poles on them, the tips would get caught between the boards.They therefore became nice opportunities for pole-less (albiet bumpy) free skating.

Since I used this trail mostly at night and forgot my headlight, I jerry-rigged an LED flashlight that I just got as gift onto the top of my helmet. Worked great. Thanks mom!


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