Cross country Colorado

1 Jan

On a family visit trip out to the ex-country state of Colorado I got in a half day of xcskiing. Good and cold but warmer than Oslo lately: -7C under sunny blue skies. The frequent winds in the area weren’t too strong while I was out with a skate skiing uncle. I went classic. The trails also kept resolutely in the breeze shielding pine and aspen trees for protection.

In addition to its health-care deficiencies the ex-country doesn’t provide free trail grooming either. Went to a private resort about 35km into the Rocky Mountains from the city of Boulder where I was staying. Close by US standards.

The snow cover was light but adequate. The available network of groomed trails probably totaled out at 20km. As you can see from the promo picture above it looked like the machine driver may have a been a little jittery from too much caffeine; but the trails were all very skiable and enjoyable with fun, varied terrain.

Still I was reminded how much I appreciate the beautiful, ruler straight tracks set nearly every morning all over the Oslomarka. I’ll make sure I never let my Skiforeningen membership lapse: they’re the association that sets trails in the Oslo forest beyond the range of those done by the Parks and Recreation Department.

By ex-country standards Colorado is serious about skiing. I was able to rent a pair of waxable skis thus sparing me the annoying vrrrm vrrmm of fish-scaled Dane-skis. The longest they had were 205cm but once the wax that I had put beyond the grip zone for my weight wore off, they worked well enough. I would have been happy with my own gear but for my multi-destination trip I only brought rollerskis since wasn’t counting on more than a day skiing without wheels.

The one big challenge this trip was the elevation. The nordic center was situated at about 3000m. My normal pace meant stopping to pant. I got used to it though and adjusted.

Trip details:

  • Wax: blue.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: didn’t count. Lots of loops through a fun and varied little trail network

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