Full winter trip from Movatn to somewhere

20 Dec

Took a train on the Gjøvikbanen to Movatn again. It is one of Oslo’s best early and late season snow-holes. A good bit of fresh snow had fallen last night. And more is still lightly falling now, even as some pleasant rays of sunshine stream through the big windows of my apartment as I type this.

Being slightly industrious enough to catch the 10.00 am train kept the crowds in check. Though it hasn’t been prepped for a few days, the Movatn trail was in very good shape with the one nasty gravelly patch covered by new snow.

Temperatures were probably about -8, with weak but pleasant sunshine through the lightly falling tiny snowflakes.

Went fairly hard and passed everyone from my train cohort except for a guy using a big dog for traction. Hung on dogman’s heels and went on past the top of the Movatn trail and followed the forest road on 500m to the start of the next prepared ski trail. The new snow made the forest road somewhat less than deadly to my skis (which I have decided are now gravel skis anyhow).

The next tail was very nicely prepped even though it had been covered in a moderately thick layer of new snow since the grooming machine passed. It wound down then up for at least 5 km. This area was colder than the Movatn trail and the green wax I was using gave me good grip instead of slipping like my skis had done further down.

Passed an older woman deep in the forest going at a good clip. Impressive. Wonder if she has any daughters?

Following dogman on the trail abrubtly ended at some body of water. The ice was surely safe with all the cold we’ve had but the track wasn’t scooter prepped so I followed dogman’s lead and turned around.

I was feeling very good at that point, keeping fairly effortlessly on dogman’s heels. I like the feeling of gliding along, climbing, breathing a bit but not too much and feeling the cold air in my lungs.

Even after looking at maps I really don’t know where I’d been, but the getting there was good. Rolled back down to Movatn as a train from Oslo pulled up disgorging hundreds of skiers. I smiled. I’d had mine in peace and quiet. They looked back at horror at my frozen snot and drool covered face.

Trip details:

  • Wax: green. Should have used blue.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 20 – 25km. Skied 2 hours at a fast clip.

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