Cold Krokskogen

19 Dec

Took the bus up to Sørkedalen Skole for a little ski tour in Krokskogen. It was good and cold, well under -10 when I arrived. Walked a kilometer in to the start of the prepared trail. At the very start the snow layer was very thin, slightly gravelly and had only the faintest hint of a track. However couple of km in, at the junction with the forest road coming up from Skansebakken, the trail became vastly more winterlike.

Started out late and skied mostly after dark. Got to Sondre Hegglivann and then realized that my water supply had frozen. Decided that would make it prohibitive to do the last 6 km to Nordre Hegglivan. And the fact that it had become windy, foggy and snowy also abetted my decision to turn around.

Encountered some nasty gravel in the right track coming back down in the Lysedammen area. Crunch crunch..cringe cringe. I now only have gravel skis. Had been needing a pair of those. But will have to buy a new pair of good skis after Christmas. Have made the decision not to buy anything produced in the US or China after the Copenhagen summit. Happily Norway makes good skis and bindings. A new pair of Madshus for me please.

Trip details:

  • Wax: green.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 18km.

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