Ski weekend at Sjusjøen

13 Dec

Typical Sjusjøen view

Had a company sponsored ski weekend at Sjusjøen. I’ve mentioned before that it’s my kind of place. Did my first trip here 4 October and have been happy to have seen an ever-expanding trail network as the weeks and trips have marched on.

The terrain at Sjusjøen is very different from the Oslomarka (Oslo forest). The Oslomarka is a densly wooded, strangely intimate place. You almost never get a long view of anything but can still go on forever exploring its countless hills and hollows. Trails there tend to be twisty-turney and up and down.

Sjusjøen on the other hand offers these incredible vistas with white-headed mountains poking up in every direction above the valleys. The mountain slopes tend to be long and gradual with a bit more steepness near the top. All that makes for perfect cross-country terrain. You can get into a perfect groove and go on forever in a vast and regularly groomed trail network.

Both areas have their charm. But Sjusjøen’s reliable snow and easy transport access have certainly done good things for my fitness and technique. I’ve tended to go on long trips there and sink into a meditative state where I am no longer a brain but just a harmonious meeting of body and trail. Cares and negativity melt away. For that happy while nothing else exists, and all is well with the world.

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