Not so good trip to Frognerseteren

9 Dec

Had a less than wonderful trip ski trip today.Win some lose some.

A colleague pointed out that the Frognerseteren lysløype had been prepared yesterday. This didn’t hit my radar because web data I follow hasn’t begun to be updated yet this year. The Frognerseteren trail is a lighted “lysløype”. However the lights were off when I got there. Happily I brought a little LED headlight just in case.

I came from home in Korsvoll up the road on the West side of Sognsvann. The Frognerseteren trail had been prepped. But in most spots it was just packed, not trackset. The snow cover was quite thin and basically didn’t permit that. In the spots where there was a trackset, the tracks had been run over by a big wheeled tractor.To complicate things further, there were occasional nice patches of exposed rocks—“road reef” I call it. I only encountered three other skiers out.

Not wanting to kill myself or my skis I did a mere 3km and then walked back down after getting nervous on a particularly bare downhill patch. On a good note, it was snowing when I left. But the lesson in this is that Movatn is the place for now.


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