Good ski trip at Movatn

8 Dec

The nice thing about having your own blog is the right to self-censorship. In early November I had a first trip to Movatn that went terribly wrong. Bashed up my skis on rocks on an unprepared trail, battled with wax, slipped and fell on my ass walking back to the parking lot. The works. I therefore chose not to write about it.

Thankfully today was much better. Movatn is an amazing snowhole. It’s ten minutes by train out of Oslo but in snow terms a world apart.When I went up to Stryken last Sunday I took the same train you take to Movatn. Noticed that the snow looked better there than anywhere else on the line. A snowy microclimate. However Sunday it wasn’t prepped.

Today I had to scamper to get the bus to the train station in time for my desired train. Got yelled at by the driver for running out in front of his stopped bus and waving my arms for him not to take off. Ja ja ja ja, whatever, I’m going skiing.

When I arrived at my departure station, Kjelsås, the Koll skiclub (Skimafia) was out in force. A good sign for the snow conditions but bad for peace and quiet.

Arriving at Movatn everything was good and white, though rather drippy.The official wax prescription was VR76 — a sort of klister in a stick. The stickiest I will go is Red-Silver (VR60 on the slimy scale). That would have to do. At the bottom of the trail I slipped a bit, but as I climbed my wax choice proved better and better. Quite early on there was still even snow in the trees.

The Movatn-Tømte trail is rather short, only 5km, but climbs respectably. I had an aching knee from last Sunday’s trip so I didn’t complain about the brevity. I arrived on the 18.09 train and left on the 19.49 train.

It wasn’t an evening for peace and quite but was a pleasant and successful trip anyway. I think I will go for a repeat tomorrow.

Trip details:

  • Wax: Red.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 10km.

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