Good skiing in North Nordmarka

6 Dec

Escaped back home from a work-related trip to snowless England. Up to 30cm of new snow recently fell in the Oslo Nordmarka forest. Took the first train from Kjelsås to Stryken. The Stryken stop only operates in winter for skiers and is drop off only–no return trip. I therefore knew I would have to improvise a return trip depending on the ski possibilities.

The snow turned out to be very usable. Since I haven’t got any old “gravel skis” I had to walk about 1,5 km to the start of the prepared trail. Others were skiing on the gritty-snowed forest road. Putting on my skis I encountered a snowmobile operated by the Skiforeningen ski society pulling a drag to set the track.

It quickly became clear that the scooter was just doing some initial packing for a big machine as I soon came to a wide, lovely track:

As I got higher the freezing rain turned into proper flakes and conditions got ever increasingly better. Here’s how things looked  just before Gjerdingen with the trees still thick with new snow:

About 8 km in, after Gjerdingen dam, I met the big prep machine that had been doing this good work coming back down to add a trackset to the other side of the trail.

I was hoping to connect back to the Grua train station via Mylla Dam but forgot to pack my maps and ended up following the crowds on past Tversjøen until the prepared track died out near Mosjøen only a few km from Ringkollen.

At that point I’d done a little more than 15km finally decided to turn around and head back the way I came. Once I arrived back at Stryken I then walked about 5km to the rail station at Harestua.

Trip details:

  • Wax: Red.
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: 30km.

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