El gallo a la cresta negra

20 Nov

Have been in Granada in Southern Spain. Quite a curiosity on my rollerskis. No one seems to have ever seen them before. Got some funny comments like “You’re not in the Sierra Nevada!” and “Hey good looking!”.

Spanish drivers seem even more prudent than Norwegians around me. I think this comes from their inexperience with my chosen mode of locomotion. They slow way down when passing me, probably from fear that I will suddenly dart in front of their car or perhaps just out of plain curiosity.

I’m staying in an unrecommendable hotel next to the Alhambra that gets fresh busloads of tourists every day. However it is situated right near the one nice, long uphill route in the city. The road has a near perfect grade for rollerskiing and decent asphalt. It also has a wide shoulder and is well lit.

All this has been complemented by the unseasonably warm weather. With highs in the 20’s C I can go in just a tee-shirt, reflective vest and lycra tights. No jacket or wool under layer required. Since there’s only a little snow left to ski deep in the forest behind Oslo now, my skiing has probably actually benefited from the Spanish experience.


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