Jonathon from Spotify irons his chinos, I iron my skis

12 Nov

I do not use a clothes iron. I refuse. But I iron my skis. You should too. Applying glide wax to cross country skis is not rocket science. It seems intimidating at first, but it’s really easy. Though to do it you really need one of these stylish additions to your living room décor:


You also need a temperature-controlled waxing iron, a brush or two, a plexiglass scraper, a groove tool and naturally some wax.

The basic technique is surprisingly easy and, in my experience, forgiving. I saw a live demo before giving it a go. But if you can’t see the process firsthand, there’s always YouTube.

The wax maker Swix has published some handy manuals in French and English. The instructions there are concise and precise.

So get waxing. Doing it yourself beats the cost and, above all, the inconvenience of taking your skis in to a sports shop. Last season I would wait way too long before taking my skis in because I couldn’t bear to be without them when the snow was good. Now my skis are always ready to go with good glide.

And besides nothing says normal and well-adjusted like the big, ugly, waxy bright red steel table in my living room!


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