Happy Winter

14 Oct

Primstaven: Traditional Noggy calendar

Today is the traditional first day of Winter according to ancient Noggy lore. Read details here.

Here’s what today’s weather will mean:

  • Godt vær i dag gir en bra vinter, og den første snøen lar vente på seg. / God weather today gives a good winter and leaves us waiting for the first snow.
  • Kald vinterdag gir mye snø til vinteren. / A cold winter day today gives lots of snow in winter.
  • Blir himmelen grønnaktig i dag, vil frosten snart komme. / If the sky is greenish, the frost will come quickly (yes, greenish, not making this up).
  • Er vinterdagen varm og klar, med frost om natten, skal det komme regn før tre dager er gåt / If the winter day is warm and clear with frost in the night then rain will come before three days are over

The last one is too easy. Rain within three days is good bet any day in this country.

This morning has seen the coldest temperatures yet this fall. Looks like were on track for lots of snow. A happy winter to you all!


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