New black “snow” on Grefsenkollen

12 Oct
Oslo seen today from Grefsenkollen

Oslo seen today from Grefsenkollen

The route to the top of Grefsenkollen (379 mosl) had just been repaved. While waiting for the white stuff, fresh asphalt is the closest thing you get to new snow. In Norway it only lasts about a year before going grotty to downright dangerous for rollerski use.

I was definitely not the only roller skier on it. However I only saw one other skater. The others were doing classic. The one guy on skate had dragged his poor kid up with him on bike. I suspect he was going latch onto the bike on the way back down to use its braking power.

On skate rollerskis there’s little to keep you under 70kmph, even snowplowing like hell. And to boot there’s a bad intersection at the bottom of the hill.

Grefsenkollen is one of Oslo’s sickest hills. The the joggers I passed looked approvingly but wistfully at me as I passed them. Their glance seemed to say “nice effort, but too bad you’re just going to leave a greasy smear on the pavement somewhere on the way back down.”

They didn’t know about my secret weapons:

I picked these speed reducers up from the French website Coming back down I clipped these things onto my skates and dialed in a  nice 25-30kmph pace while double poling. No slacking off on the return trip!

If I don’t ski on real snow next Saturday, I already know the rollerski route I’ll do. I’ll go from Aker Brygge to the top of Grefsenkollen. The start point is the little red circle near the water in the above picture of Oslo.


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