The Daily Mail: I’m too sexy for my tights

11 Oct

Yes, on any given evening I’m whizzing down the streets of Oslo in Lycra tights on rollerskis. But to the dear and beautiful ladies of Norway I say don’t despair. If me or your rollerskiing man frequently dress this way, take comfort in the news from the good people at Britain’s Daily Mail (the only publication that can unseat Norway’s own VG for sheer classiness). They say we can still be manly men in such attire: Tights for men! But would you let your boyfriend wear these?

They even claim that your man’s “Mantyhose” benefit both the wearer and the admirer:

“According to those in the know, mantyhose are usually worn under suits to keep the legs warm and to give the hips and thighs a nice smooth line.”

Take hope ladies. “Mantyhose” might even be proof of non-gayness: the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy would probably reject them on purely aesthetic grounds.

Alaska has its fair share of cross-country skiers and therefore plenty of off-season rollerskiers. So listen up Sara Palin: if a man comes gracefully sachéing by Wasilla Bible Church on little wheels wearing lycra tights, don’t get too excited there. It’s not a sure sign you need to “pray away the gay“.


One Response to “The Daily Mail: I’m too sexy for my tights”

  1. beate October 11, 2009 at 8:08 pm #

    I think ur sexy with ur tights!!!

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