Norway, this was not helpful

9 Oct

Norway, this was not helpful. Yes, I’m talking about the Peace Prize. Do you know what will come of it? Someone, somewhere, in the “frothing Palinista camp” will pull their head out of its normal rectal position and, for the first time in their bovine life, locate Norway on a map. Then they will, through their squinty eyes, squint a bit harder and pick up a detail or two about your politics. They will discover that a party called “Arbeiderpartiet” was reelected in recent elections. And, after having the neighbor boy or some other more intelligent life form run that through an online translator, they will learn what that means: “The Worker Party”. Slowly (veeerry sloooowly) it will dawn on them. “Why did Norway award Obama the Peace Prize?”, they will ask sneeringly. “Well duh!, they’re SOCIALISTS! (froth! froth! froth!)”.

Norway, I’m not happy. You may be decent, clever and good looking people with a just, egalitarian society and a good health care system. But you’ve played yourself, unaided and totally voluntarily, directly into the hands of the lowest form of life on this planet. Not a proud moment. Norway, take it back! Please!


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