Natural is better

5 Oct

“Natural is better” or something like that sounds cliché. But I think it’s true. Skied this weekend on real snow in Sjusjøen above Lillehammer. More satisfying than faking it on wheels (or at Torsby). Here’s the photo evidence:




Yesterday I got ridiculously lucky. The Internet claimed that trail prep had already started. The Internet may know many things, but it had that wrong. After my 550 NOK taxi bill I was looking at skiing on unprepared snow. Not very satisfying for the investment of time and money and very rough on my skis.

However a couple of guys were out on skis taking pictures of each other. It turns out that one of them was a grooming machine driver who wanted a picture of himself manually laying down the first tracks of the season. He then hopped into the big treaded machine and did two passes on about 1,5 km of trail.

As you can see, the coverage was a bit scant, but no complaints here. The fact that the trail was prepped made the obstacles visible helping me avoid major ski damage.

I’ve only been off snow for five months since May 1.

Skied about 4 hours with just a few other people out. Then walked 1 km down to the Kiwi supermarket and checked out a bus stop I saw on the way up. My luck continued and I bagged the one bus back to Lillehammer of the afternoon a mere 20 minutes later, and for a pittance.

Trip details

  • Wax: Red. Air temperatures were below zero but the ground wasn’t frozen yet. I discovered that when I stepped of the trail without skis to, um, relieve myself and sank thigh deep in mud :-)).
  • Style: Classic.
  • Distance: Don’t know. Lots of back and forth.

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