Bravo Sweden

2 Oct

Top 7 Countdown to incontrovertibly prove all the Swedish jokes are actually true:

  1. Rancid Swedish Cold War meat sold to Poland
  2. Hand gel faulted for fouling up Swedish bus service
  3. Swedish parents emerge victorious in bid to name son ‘Q’
  4. Elite Swedish soldiers blow up wrong house
  5. Swedish naval vessel jumps Göta Canal banks (great video)
  6. One-fifth of Swedish military conscripts ‘fear for their lives’ (gee whiz, can you blame them?)
  7. ‘Flammable’ bras hold back Swedish female conscripts

Did I ever mention I’m a bit unhappy about where the Swedes have placed the Torsby Ski Tunnel? Outer BFE isn’t quite the strong enough term. Sick nasty people.  Go and eat your Surströming. But when you do, make sure it’s far away.  Far far away. Hey, I know, in TORSBY!!!!


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