1-2-3 Fårikål

27 Sep

Farikal-på-1-2-3Prepared this season’s first fårikål, that Norwegian lamb and cabbage stew which is so superbly simple and good that it almost makes up for the invention of lutefisk. The three ingredient recipe can be seen in pictorial form, above.

Fårikål is an active lifestyle recipe. The initial prep time is five minutes max. You just need to chop your cabbage in wedges and layer meat then cabbage in a big pot and sprinkle in a few peppercorns. But once you put it on the stove on low heat, you really need to go do something active. There’s no question of hanging out and doing nothing for three to five hours while it cooks.

So today I prepped my dinner in three minutes flat and bolted out the door and went for a long rollerski. Near Røa I smelled someone else cooking the same thing. Its siren call hits you from a block away.

We had lovely weather today but it cools down noticeably at night. I was a bit cold when I got through my door and so immediately served myself a large, fragrant, steaming bowl of divine Fårikål. It tastes so good when you’ve worked for it!

For environmental and ethical reasons I limit my meat consumption. The most carbon friendly meat in this country is Moose. With no wolves around, there’s a natural surplus that needs to be eaten.

Fårikål is considerably less green, but better than  beef:

[The carbon footprint of] lamb falls somewhere in the middle as sheep produce lots of methane, making their greenhouse gas emission score relatively high. However, sheep also make use of land that can’t be used for growing crops and if you are concerned about animal welfare, lamb and mutton seem good compromise options. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/jun/07/food.foodanddrink

If you’re serious about not inducing famine, not drowning island nations and generally preserving my ski possibilities, you should go vegan. A college friend does a great blog on that subject called ‘Your vegan mom‘.


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