Roller ski diaries: you are not hot

26 Sep

For starters, why are there no hot skiers? Sure, there are plenty of good looking skiers, but there aren’t any that are generally regarded as hot. I’m talking about full on, certifiable, jaw-dropping, I need a second to stop sweating, I think I need a stronger deoderant, its 10 degrees and snowing out, but someone find me a cold shower pronto, melting like klister in hell, hotties. Before you vehemently object, realize this…you are not hot. I’m sorry to be the one to pass on the news, but you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are a sweaty, Lycra wearing, color clashing, fashion faux-pas of epic proportions.

This is okay, really, I swear. Rapidly gliding through a ski racing life with frozen drool on your chin, and a vomitously-hued suit on your (admittedly hot, yet constantly out of view body) is definitely the way to go.


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