Happy training route rut

23 Sep

I’ve been doing the same route lately, and I like it.

  1. Start from Aker Brygge, at sea level.
  2. Go along the Frognerstranda harbour path until you hit the junction with the Bygdøy bike paths
  3. Take off your skates and cross the footbridge over the E16 highway
  4. Skate through the parking lot, etc. on the other side, cross a road and continue straight on until you hit the tram line.
  5. Cross the tram line and go right.
  6. Take a left at the first major intersection.
  7. Climb up along and around Frognerparken.
  8. Sneak through the apartments at the top of the park and follow the path back into the north part of the park
  9. The path turns into a road going between the park and the West Graveyard.
  10. Take the second right after the graveyard and then turn left at the end. You will then be on a small street parallel to the T-Bane.
  11. Go through the tunnel at the Smestad T-Bane station and do a U turn when you get out.
  12. Go up. And up. Go hard, the pavement’s good.
  13. At the top, cross the pedestrian bridge parallel to the T-Bane track.
  14. Turn left and follow the path through a nice park in a little valley.
  15. When you come to a bunch of forking paths, take the “leftish” one. Up.
  16. You will arrive on Sørkedalsveien. Go on the rough bike path parallel or go on the smoother street.
  17. When you arrive at the golf course loudly rant about golf not being a sport.
  18. Go back down via Sørkedalsveien to Røa and take the tube back home. Don’t recommend the manual redescent with regular skate style roller skis.

About 10km and 180m elevation gain.

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