Norwegian integration

22 Sep

subliminalIn some respects I’m a Norwegian immigration poster child. I’ve gone mad for skiing. An when there’s no snow I roller ski. I cook fårikål (but who could resist a one pot, three ingredient  recipe that’s actually good).

I found an old article on the BBC about immigrant integration that’s still topical after the near miss when the far right seemed poised to take the last parliamentary election here.  Happily they only got 25% and I therefore won’t be carted off any time soon to a Norwegian camp in Africa (which the FrP once infamously proposed to create).

But up until now there’s been a language barrier. I can read Norwegian just fine, but I’ll be damned if I can speak it much beyond the basic supermarket buying groceries script.

But the Swedes at Spotify may have come to my rescue. Searching on a lark on that one great, fabulous Swedish contribution to anything (wholly excepting ‘Jonathon‘ at Spotify), I dug up this Norwegian learning method. We’ll see what it does. Subliminal is a bit dodgy. Hope they’re not brainwashing me to vote FrP. That would be integration: going from foreigner to the Norwegian version of red-neck in one fell swoop.


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