Changing the bearings on Swenor roller ski wheels

9 Sep

My sprog and gravel induced crash damaged the ball bearings on one of my roller ski wheels. Happily there’s a Clas Ohlson nearby. If that Swedish hardware store had a motto it would probably be “if it’s random, we’ve got it”. They had a six-pack of replacement standard 608 size bearings for a mere NOK 99.

It took a bit of imagination to figure out how to extract the old bearings. You just need to whack the spindle with something that won’t damage it to force one of the bearing assemblies out. I used the plastic coated handle of an adjustable spanner.

After ruining one new bearing while trying to get it back into the wheel I figured out a good trick. Seat a bearing assembly on each side of the wheel with the spindle in the middle. Push the bolt through and thread the nut on the far end. You can then just just tighten up the nut and bolt and thereby force the bearing assemblies into place. After that undo the nut and bolt and put the wheel back onto the skates.

Hopefully this will help someone. I searched and couldn’t find any instructions about how to do this. I only found the above picture that was nevertheless helpful for understanding how the bearing assemblies fit into the wheel.

Update 21/09/2009: found this manual on the Swenor website.


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