Norwegian elections: dogs and sprogs are the problem

8 Sep


Here is a photo of the skin behind a colleague’s knee after a big poodle ran around his legs while attached to a nylon cord leash. Dog-based trip-lines also regularly menace my life when peoples’ sweet pets bolt toward me while I’m on roller skis.

Children (sprogs) are another hazard. A neighbour’s bratty toddlers have amused themselves by throwing gravel onto the silky pavement of the street where I live. Today, while roller skiing on my solid wheel skates, a piece of that gravel locked up one of my wheels making me crash.

It’s election fever here in Norway. I wonder which party I can turn to for a solution to my dog-sprog problems? The far-right, anti-immigrant FrP party might be an option, since they have clearly the most violent rhetoric. However the pebble throwing sprogs are blonde haired Norwegians, and I’m sure the FrP like dogs–particularly German Shepherds. So, probably no dice there. Maybe I’ll have to found my own anti-dog/sprog party?


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