7 Sep
Tromsø in the sun

Tromsø in the sun

Spent last weekend in Tromsø in Northern Norway. It was my first time north of the Arctic Circle.  No midnight sun at this time of year, but the weather cooperated on Sunday after a dark and drizzly Saturday.

Whoever called Tromsø the “Paris of the North”, had either never seen Paris, was dishonest, or both. As with most places in Norway, the natural surroundings constitute the bulk of the charm. That said, there are some good man-made attractions. The Polar museum has lifelike reconstitutions of polar life and lots of memorabilia from great Norwegian polar expeditions. Those things naturally appeal to me since I regularly daydream about Greenland or the South Pole.

Tromø’s university also has the most northerly botanical garden on the planet. More novel than impressive at least at this time of the year, but worth a visit.

I also ate a memorable dinner of reindeer at the Skarven restaturant: tender, medium rare, with brussel sprouts and a decent brown sauce. My entrée of smoked Arctic Char was nice too.

The trip prevented me from roller skiing for three days but when I went and did my local route this evening everything felt alright. My legs actually felt powerful. On the climb from the grocery store back up to my apartment I used more skating flicks of my heels than pole pushes. Even when tired my technique seems to be holding up.


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