Roller ski gear guide

1 Sep

Here’s a few thoughts and suggestions about different types of roller ski gear:

  • Rollerskis
    • My Pneumatic wheeled Jenex V2 Aeros let me go on just about any paved road however steep it may be thanks to their speed reducers and brake. The wheels reduce vibration to almost nothing. They are, however very expensive, the brake and speed reducers are fragile, they are a bit heavy and require very good balance
    • My gummy wheeled Swenor skate roller skis are relatively light and have a very low center of gravity that encourages me to commit my weight over them. Skiing occasionally on the Swenor skates has made a difference in my level of confidence when throwing my weight over my V2 Areros. On the bad side the Swenor skates have no braking ability other than that provided by dragging one skate behind the other one while going downhill. That’s bad for the wheels and terrifying at the same time.
  • Ski poles
    • Miluker’n Sport here in Oslo advised me to buy aluminium poles. Was that ever a good idea! A colleague who tried my V2’s fell and broke his carbon fiber poles the first day he ever used them. I love my carbon poles on snow but they’re really fragile for roller skiing. My alu roller skiing poles have a simple nylon strap rather than the glove-like straps on that come on carbon poles. Had I had the glove like strap when I planted my pole into a drainage grate I would have dislocated a shoulder in addition to completely destroying the pole. With the simple strap your hand just slips out when necessary.
  • Gloves
    • I bought a pair of Swix neoprene and leather gloves that I absolutely love. They have no insulation and have mesh vents behind the finger joint. The leather has been tough enough to protect me during falls. On the downside the neoprene and leather are coming unstitched.

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