Weight shift and committment

31 Aug

From this blog post at fasterskier.com:

This photo is from last weekend’s roller-ski World Cup race in Italy.  Note the “flat” skis of the two front skiers and how the hip is to the outside of the ski.  This is the type of commitment to weight shift we are looking for! (photo credit: Newspower.it)

These two criteria have been my focus lately. I’ve even started using my neglected “no brakes” spare model of roller skis again because they are designed with a lower center of gravity than my brake equipped pneumatic wheeled V2’s.  Now that I feel more confident on roller skis in general, my standard issue Swenor skates encourage me to throw my weight over the glide ski and stay over it for a longer glide. Though my V2’s feel safer because of their brakes, they are actually trickier to balance on. I’ll go back to them when I feel more confident with weight transfer (or whenever I choose a route with nasty hills).


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