Rollerski trails in Oslo

29 Jul

I’ve been looking for good places to rollerski in Oslo. Here’s a list of what I’ve either found or will shortly investigate:

  • Maridalsveien: fair quality pavement with moderate motor traffic. A classic route that’s conveniently close to my appartment.
  • Brekke to Maridalsvannet dam: fair to good pavement, no motor traffic. When heading North on Maridalsvien, this service road is the first right after Kjelsåsveien. Classic route.
  • Akerselva river road – between Kjelsåsveien and Nydalsdammen: dirt road. My inflatable tire V2 roller skis can handle it if the road surface is moist. Otherwise too loose to be enjoyable. Impossible with conventional polyeurathane wheeled roller skis
  • Peder Ankers vei in Nordberg: fair to poor quality pavement with light to moderate motor traffic. Other side streets in the area offer similar possibilities. Home turf for me.
  • Normarkveien – Hammeren to Bjørnholt and beyond: dirt forest road with light motor traffic. Was heaven earlier this year. Could even be done with conventional roller skis. But forest service dropped gravel and basically ruined it. Will post update if situation improves.
  • Peder Ankers vei in Nordmarka (Sognsvann area, between Svartkulp and Blanksjø and beyond): dirt forest road. Some rough spots but firm packed surface. May be doable with my V2 pneumatic wheeled roller skis. Will post update after attempt.
  • Rugdeveien – Gaustad to Sognsvann: dirt road in forest island within an urban area. May be doable with my V2 pneumatic wheeled roller skis. Will post update after attempt.
  • Hollemenkollen area ski trails: dirt surface with no vehicle traffic. Probably too rough. Will post update after attempt with V2 roller skis.
  • Sorkdalsveien: paved road. Lower stretch has excellent bicycle path. Upper stretch has very bad quality pavement but still is a popular route for roller skiing.
  • Sørkedalen skole – Finnerud: dirt forest road. Doable with pneumatic wheeled roller skis. Formerly excellent road surface recently degraded by gravel drop.
  • Sørkedalen skole – Heggelia(via Pipenhus) : May be doable with pneumatic wheeled roller skis. Will post back after attempt.
  • Hadelandsveien – Kjul (Nittedal) to Hakadal: paved bicycle path with good surface.
  • Frognerparken: smooth dirt paths throughout park. Should be very good with pneumatic wheeled roller skis and doable with conventional roller skis.

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