Anti rollerski blogger

19 Jul

This is my blog, so I don’t need to be balanced. Still, the following blog entry presents the other side of the picture you get here and is funny enough to merit a link:

[Norway] is fine until we get to the subject of roller skis. Through the summer, on the cycle paths and walk ways people in ridiculous lyrca suits whizz past on short skis with little wheels on. For real, this is not a joke! Its fucked up, in fact its worse than that, it’s totally bizarre, its like those idiots who play golf in the snow, obsessive and just a little bit too spooky.

A valid point of view and probably painfully true. But I’m still not stopping.


2 Responses to “Anti rollerski blogger”

  1. Shawn February 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    Though I’ve never tried roller skiing, it looks interesting and I am considering giving it a try. I’d argue that it’s more about fitness and variety, not so much about being obsessed with cross country skiing. I used to enjoy cycling (just casually, not long distance) until I discovered the ElliptiGO, a brand new elliptical bike. No seat, no back strain, no knee pain….excellent workout! Some people give funny looks but it doesn’t bother me. It’s popularity is gaining some serious momentum. Besides, I simply dismiss the very rare snares and giggles as close-minded morons who wouldn’t have the balls to try something new. I live in the northeast USA and I despise winter. Lately I’ve decided to embrace it by starting snow shoeing. I also have 2 young sons who LOVE the snow, so I am trying to find activities we can enjoy as a family…and keep fit. I’m also planning to start cross country skiing soon. If I take to it I can also see myself putting on a pair of roller skis this summer. I’m interested in the variety, or cross training effect. Knocking someone because they enjoy something you don’t understand just highlights your ignorance.

  2. fallwest February 8, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    I’ve heard people say you shouldn’t rollerski if you don’t cross country ski “for real” on snow. They say you need to know what it feels like before you try to simulate it on pavement. I don’t necessarily agree, but it sounds like you’re going to try skiing on snow, so that’s great. Good luck! If you search around here you’ll find lots of advice on gear. The biggest choice is between classic or skate gear. The two are very different. I’d suggest you choose what you will do on snow, and everyone starts with classic

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