Skate technique tips

27 Jun

When out roller skiing I bumped into a father coaching his son on skate technique on the same silky smooth pavement hill next to the water treatment plant I was practicing on. This hill also has a pleasant view of Maridalsvannet lake that provides Oslo with drinking water. The father was standing midway up the hill and was clearly watching both me and his kid as we took turns making the climb.

I finally asked him about my technique. His son’s, by the way, was brilliant, so I figured he was a good coach. The tips he gave me were things I was aware of, but they were good to hear again:

  1. Throw my weight more over the glide leg on each step
  2. Allow the off leg fall back toward the glide leg with each step.
  3. Use more leg and less pole

The good thing is that taking care of the first point naturally tends to eliminate the other two issues.

I have been struggling after my fall with fear of committing all my weight to the glide leg. I tend to do that better on dirt roads where I’m less afraid of hurting myself again. But I think confidence will come back over time and distance.


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